New Website and Mobile Site Design: Sav-On Storage

Savon-Storage-WebsiteYou wouldn’t think a storage warehouse would be calling a boutique marketing firm for design assistance. But forward-thinking storage provider Sav-On understands there are millions of companies to choose from (seriously, “San Diego storage warehouse” draws more than 3 million Google search results) and getting customers through the door meant a welcoming, helpful, and transparent website.

As always, Bop Design approached the design with the customer in mind. Oftentimes in searching for personal storage, an individual is going through a life change, such as a move or downsizing in current space. It was critical for the Sav-On website to be a helpful resource during the process.

The Sav-On homepage shows a friendly, yet clean, safe, and professional atmosphere. Calls to action quickly address many customer inquiries or concerns, such as size and availability, the storage process, and packing tips. Providing a variety of resources upfront build customer trust and ensures the customer has a smooth, pleasant onsite experience with Sav-On.

Sav-on StorageAs more consumers surf the web and research new companies using their smartphones, Bop Design also designed a straightforward mobile website. The mobile website features similar navigation to the homepage in an easy to read format for visitors on the go. The mobile site gets across the high priority items, contact information, benefits of Sav-On, and offerings.

To view the new website, visit with your laptop, tablet, or mobile device. To begin the web design and development process for your business, contact Bop Design.