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Web Development

Web Development

Website Development That Includes Responsive Web Design

A simple, easy-to-use backend is just as important as a well-designed user interface. We customize content management systems to fit your updating needs so a website continues to thrive as a living, breathing resource center for your business. As a Bop Design client, your final result will not only be visually appealing, but perform optimally.

Why should I care about my website’s development?

We’re glad you asked. Web development is the backend programming of a website and a critical component to the future success of your website design. In short, the programming code must be clean to ensure that search engines can easily crawl the site and index for targeted keywords—giving your website a fighting chance in the World Wide Web. We also stay current with the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) standards—an international community that establishes website design and web development best practices.

Responsive Web Design & Development

A responsive web design is like developing three different websites for three platforms: desktop, tablet and smartphone. The Bop web development team specializes in responsive web design that creates a seamless web visitor experience as a visitor accesses your firm’s website from different devices.

No Outsourcing

Bop Design does not outsource or offshore any website development activities. Our internal team handles all web development services. The result is a website that performs effectively on all platforms (mobile, tablet, desktop) and the most popular web browsers (Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc.). The web design and web development team all work under one roof ensuring that the design team is creating concepts that the web development team can execute. Even though the web development team is based in San Diego, we work with clients across North America.

Stands the Test of Time

Bop Design’s web development team creates websites that a B2B company can easily manage on their own using WordPress. Because the sites are developed according to the most current standards, you can rest assured you’re not facing another redesign in the next five years.

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