UI vs. UX for websites: What’s the difference?

Simply stated, the User Interface (UI) refers to what the B2B website looks like and is often another term used for design. User Experience (UX) is used to describe the experience that a website visitor has when they are using your site, including how they feel about the website, how easy it is to navigate, and how easy it is to find the information they need.

At Bop Design, all our websites are designed with a polished, modern UI while crafting a seamless UX for website visitors. UI and UX work together to create a positive experience for the website visitor and optimizes the site to make it easy to complete forms and understand your company’s brand.

UI ensures designs are functional

Gorgeous websites with poor UI won’t push the needle in terms of growing your business, increasing revenue, or driving leads. A website design that incorporates UI best practices ensures you get a functional website that delivers.

At Bop Design, our seasoned web designers and web developers focus on UI throughout the design and build of the B2B website. Clients work with us because we are relentless advocates for the end users (that is, your potential prospects and existing clients). Our web designs integrate UI best practices by ensuring the designs are intuitive, user-friendly, and relatable. We believe that beautiful web designs must also be functional and designed with prospects and clients at the core.

UX designs build loyalty and customer satisfaction

Successful UX focuses on building intuitive, pleasant interactions for website visitors. A seasoned UX designer asks, “What will work best for the site visitor?” at every turn in the design and development process. If a prospect or customer has a great experience on your website, it reflects favorably on your brand.

Our B2B web designers lean on UX principles to design websites that are useful and relevant, built for the future, and create a great first impression with prospects:

  • Intuitive navigation to get users where they need to go
  • Clear calls-to-action that stand out and encourage conversions
  • Easy-to-follow paths for each website visitor or buyer persona
  • Engaging, informative content to educate visitors
  • Speedy load times to ensure prospects stick around to get the information they need

The right UI and UX transform visitors into clients

Our website designs and builds marry up the best practices in UI and UX to present your company in the best possible way to prospects and investors. By intertwining solid UI and UX with professional designs, our websites clearly communicate your brand’s message, encourage visitors to complete forms or download content, and retain existing clients by delivering positive experiences. Successful UI and UX in web design build credibility in your brand and transform website visitors into new clients.

Bringing UI and UX together to achieve your goals

The goal of a newly launched or redesigned website is not to win design awards, it’s to get results. By focusing on the needs of your end users – prospects, clients, partners, or investors – we build websites with the purpose of building brand loyalty and creating business opportunities.

UI and UX aren’t fancy terms spewed by haughty designers. Rather, they are crucial elements in crafting functional websites that successfully achieve business goals – be it increasing leads, generating brand awareness, attracting new investors, or retaining existing clients. Discover how we can put the power of good UI and UX to work in your website design.

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