“Who are you guys?”

Hopefully, your branding can answer that. With B2B branding, the primary objective is to establish your expertise and perceived differences about your company in a customer’s mind. When building a new brand, Bop Design creates the naming, messaging, brand positioning and logo design.

Foundation first

Many B2B firms want to jump immediately to tactics and that is misguided thinking. What good are tactics if your company does not have a solid message and brand promise? We create and set the foundation for all follow-on branding services including B2B web design, content marketing, social media marketing, email marketing, advertising campaigns, etc.

B2B branding that lasts

The Bop Design team will help your firm formulate its proactive brand position. From there, we’ll help you implement a brand management plan to ensure there is cohesion among all future B2B marketing strategies and tactics.

B2B branding is critical to the future success of your business. With compelling messaging & values accompanied by professionally designed marketing materials, prospective clients spend less time guessing what you do and more time thinking how you can help their business.

Recognized leader

With many brand agencies to choose from, it can be difficult to narrow down the field. If you’re a B2B firm, make sure the branding company you select has an extensive portfolio of successful B2B branding work. Bop Design consistently wins design and marketing awards for our branding work. Organizations such as the Webby Awards, Graphic Design USA, American Marketing Association and the San Diego Chamber of Commerce have recognized Bop Design for our client work on brand messaging, naming and logo design. These awards have helped Bop Design become the B2B branding agency of choice for clients across North America.

Connect with Bop Design

We have helped companies in many B2B industries with their branding initiatives. Whether a B2B company is just starting out or its business model is evolving, the brand messaging and positioning is the foundation of any marketing strategy. Bop Design has helped develop engaging brands in the following industries.

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