B2B Logo Design: More than Meets the Eye

Approaching a B2B logo design or redesign project? Let’s talk about what you need to consider in order to get the best outcome for your business.

But first, have you noticed an increase in enticing ad claims pinned to the top of your Google searches? Phrases like “Create your own logo instantly”, “$49 Get a Perfect Logo Design” or “5 Custom Logo Concepts in 24 Hours”?

All of those claims should start ringing those “too good to be true” warning bells. I’m sure you’re familiar with some variations of this diagram:

Clicking through those Google ads, a few platforms offer DIY logo design tools, while the majority rely on crowdsourcing or promising to match clients with a pool of “dedicated” freelancers. The obvious dilemma is that these companies promise cheap, easy, and fast while also setting the expectation for professional outcomes. Unfortunately, it’s very rare to get a truly custom professional-looking logo from any of these sources, let alone one that will add value to your business and set the foundation for your brand.

This diagram is closer to how speed and cost factor into good outcomes:

What Is Crowdsourcing?

A majority of websites that offer fast, cheap, and easy design solutions rely mainly on something called crowdsourcing. They offer freelance designers (often unvetted) to sign up for free as creatives on their platform. Clients using these platforms can set up an open “competition” providing a short design brief and a set monetary prize for the winning entry.

The potential pitfalls of crowdsourcing logo designs:

  • A pool of mixed talent including students, amateurs, and non-native speakers
  • Lack of experienced designers contributing at advertised “cheap” price points
  • Potential for off-brief concepts and frustrating rounds of revisions
  • Risks of plagiarism (crowdsourcing relies on timed competitions that often result in entrants cutting corners or stealing existing concepts)
  • Final art that won’t work well across different brand applications
  • High risk of contributing to designer exploitation (only the winning designer gets paid while the rest have worked for free)
  • An influx of choices can have you selecting one based on personal preference rather than business goals

What Are DIY Logo Makers?

It’s clear that design tools are becoming increasingly mainstream. Technological advances have allowed do-it-yourself platforms to flourish at increasingly lower price points. While this democratization of design is wonderful in many ways, allowing more people to express their creativity, there are a few drawbacks to using such tools for B2B logo design or brand building.

The quick and easy process many DIY logo makers employ is quite superficial, often asking for just a company name, tagline, industry, and one “style” out of a limited list (bold, elegant, modern, or decorative). There is usually the ability to select an existing icon from a dropdown for the generator to use for the logo variations in produces. Finally, there are basic options to tweak a selection right in your browser.

So what are some drawbacks?

  • Generic options that won’t represent your business
  • Unrefined-looking outcomes that will necessitate major updates to be viable
  • No insight into direct competitors or appropriateness for B2B space
  • Use of open-source graphics or icons that can be used by others
  • Potential for time and frustration trying to make DIY adjustments to a weak initial concept with limited design controls
  • Auto-generated options have the potential to inadvertently combine elements or letters in an inappropriate or even offensive way.

The Benefits of Working with Dedicated B2B Design Professionals:

Hiring an experienced B2B designer or agency is a great way to avoid all the pitfalls we’ve discussed so far. Design professionals have the education and expertise to guide customers through their B2B logo design journey which typically involves:

  1. A Client interview
  2. Deeper research into the company, industry, and competition
  3. Concepting and revisions
  4. Clean execution of top concepts
  5. Client presentation & feedback
  6. Rounds of revision or refinement
  7. Custom variations created to accompany the approved final logo for any future brand applications
  8. All final logo files in industry-standard formats

How do professionals achieve successful outcomes? If there was a formula it would go something like this:

Concept + Utility + Execution = Successful B2B Logo Design

The Concept:

Is it an accurate reflection of your company and will it stand the test of time?

Does the logo concept align with your company’s vision, mission, and values? Is it an accurate representation in both form and feeling? Treat your logo like your company signature. It needs to be unique, and simple, but also memorable. Design professionals are tasked with achieving this tricky combination. A solid design concept will hold its value over time but also lend itself to future evolution if needed.

The Utility:

Is it appropriate for your industry and is it flexible?

Is the logo appropriate for your company while also standing out as unique from your competition? Great logo designs find this balance between expectation and disruption. Utility implies usefulness. Professional designers provide industry-standard logo files of a set of approved logo variations that will make your logo consistent yet adaptable for different brand placements. They think beyond your website to social media placements, single-color engraving, tradeshow, signage, and print applications. Remember, great logos can adapt to different size constraints while maintaining recognizability and legibility.

The Execution:

Is the logo refined & aesthetically pleasing?

Great-looking logos make great first impressions and the details matter. Professional B2B designers will often spend a lot of time tweaking proportions and refining the logo elements to come up with the ideal final product.

polished B2B logo design communicates that you take your business seriously. It is a key building block of any unique and successful brand.

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