B2B Marketing + Web Design: Industrial Companies

As a leader in your industry, you’ve spent years innovating, designing, and producing high grade, quality products and services, so why not invest the same amount of resources in marketing your products to your ideal customers? Many industrial firms struggle with creating strong brand awareness and differentiation. Bop Design works with established and new industrial companies to discover their distinct brand position and ideal B2B customer personas. Once the brand and audience have been clearly defined, we craft a marketing plan that incorporates branding, logo design, website design, social media, content marketing and more.

Industrial Website Launches:
Before & After Statistics

Industrial companies need a website to showcase their products and services in the best light. Bop Design has re-designed industrial company websites to not only build a stronger case of credibility but drive more relevant traffic, increase time on site and maximize page views. Download the case study to view the results!


Tactics To Position You As An Industry Leader

If the brand materials don’t differentiate your firm, how will your products attract new customers? As an industrial manufacturer markets products or services to the ideal market, it is essential that the brand assets reinforce the uniqueness of the product or service offerings. An industrial firm’s website needs to be a responsive design—not only to appear to customers searching on mobile devices but also to position your firm as a leader in the industry. The next step is to implement a digital content marketing strategy to build brand awareness, position your company as a thought leader and increase website conversions. By utilizing a blend of brand messaging, responsive website design and content marketing, your firm is clearly set apart from other industrial firms in the same space.

Industrial Marketing Service Offering:

Branding and Website Design to set the foundation. Content Marketing to attract ideal B2B customers.