Thought leadership via email

As one of the most effective content marketing tools, email marketing is a great solution for sharing existing knowledge and news about your B2B services. Clients don’t want to read company propaganda about how great your company is and we advise you on what is truly valuable for your audience. Useful content distributed through a branded email newsletter provides current and prospective clients with helpful information that reminds your target audience about your company’s core competencies.

Up-selling and cross-selling

B2B branding is about being remembered as an expert and email is one of the most powerful ways in your marketing materials design arsenal to remain top of mind with current clients—your raving fans. Through email you can inform clients of new services, remind them of the importance of referrals and discuss industry trends they care about. Email marketing is also a vital up-selling and cross-selling tool. It can serve as an avenue to referrals—email allows your company to remain in the limelight and gain access to new opportunities.

Cost-effective and trackable

One of the strongest arguments for email marketing is its cost effectiveness. Way less costly than getting print marketing materials designed, email is an impactful way to nurture relationships at a minimal variable cost. Email campaign metrics provide immediate answers on how to recalibrate your email for maximum open rates and conversions—you can identify what content is most important to your target market.

Connect with Bop Design

Email marketing is an effective lead nurturing tool in many B2B industries. It’s a great way to promote your thought leadership content to prospective and current clients, plus ensure your company is never forgotten about when a client buying decision arises. Bop Design has implemented email marketing campaigns for the following industries.

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