Branding & Marketing Materials

B2B Branding Materials

Well-designed, professionally printed marketing materials serve as an effective leave behind tool when approaching a customer. Bop Design creates brochures, business cards, sales sheets and more that not only visually appeal to an audience, but explain the benefits of your products or services and position your brand properly.

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B2B Branding Quick Reference Guide

Download this guide for clear explanations that simplify the B2B branding process and keep it running smoothly. Learn the essential steps of the branding process, what to do (and not do) during the branding process, and key branding terminology.


Industries We Serve

Marketing materials are still a vital component of any lead generation or nurturing strategy. For each B2B industry, the purpose of collateral can be different. Whether it’s for sales meetings, trade shows, direct mail, etc., Bop Design has helped the following industries create marketing materials that make a lasting impression.