Content Marketing

B2B Content Marketing Services

Bop Design specializes in writing and promoting content for B2B, also called content marketing. We understand the typical concerns that your business, products and services aren’t as “exciting” as some flashy consumer brands. But we disagree. We work with B2B brands to find your compelling story and the audiences that are interested in reading your content. We also brainstorm amplification avenues such as social media, article distribution, infographics, guest blogging and more so your content reaches new customers.

Your Buyer’s Guide to Content Marketing

It’s imperative you choose the right partner for your B2B content marketing strategy. Before you rush out and hire a content marketing agency, it’s important you and your team answer several questions included in this guide. Get the resources you need to determine who the right partner is for you.


Industries We Serve

Every B2B industry can utilize content marketing to increase brand awareness, drive website traffic, generate and nurture leads. Bop Design has helped the following industries in creating and promoting content on the right channels to get a B2B company in front of its target market.