Tips for a Consistent B2B Brand Identity

How to Keep B2B Brand Identity looking polished

Showcasing consistency in your B2B brand identity is one of the best ways to demonstrate confidence and competence. This is essential for maintaining your existing client base and for attracting prospective customers. Brand inconsistencies, on the other hand, can reflect poorly on your company, and in some cases, even create distrust.

To keep your B2B Brand Identity looking polished consider the following:

Consistent Logo Usage

Your logo is your signature. Having several core variations of your logo is great and certainly helps with versatility. In fact, logo designers often provide several versions of your logo, including horizontal, stacked, black, white, with a tagline and in some instances logotype-only or icon-only options.

Part of the B2B brand consistency challenge is to select one primary logo variation that will then be prioritized whenever possible across marketing collateral. The other versions should be saved for special use cases when the primary logo would not work due to size or format constraints. Clarifying appropriate logo usage will help your brand signature be more consistent and in turn more widely recognized.

Consistent Color Application

Selecting a set B2B brand color palette is a core part of brand development. Although having a defined set of color codes is important, the application of the colors themselves across different marketing materials is critical. Yes, your color palette should be versatile enough to allow designers to expand on your brand when creating eye-catching digital ads and brochures, yet not overly flexible to dilute your brand look and feel.

Look at your core marketing pieces and pay attention to how the colors are applied. Identify which colors are primary versus secondary and how they are being used in relation to each other as well as balanced with white space. If you were to take all your marketing pieces and look at them, does the color application on each fit so that the materials look to be part of a cohesive brand family?

Consistent Font Styles & Hierarchy

Following through consistently with a limited, intentional set of brand-appropriate fonts will set you up for success. Additionally, pay attention to your brand’s font weights and hierarchy. Does your website use Bold Uppercase Headlines but your collateral has thin sentence case headlines? Even if the font is the same, the overall look will feel very different.

Consistent Tone/Messaging

How is your B2B marketing copy? Is it written professionally and using a consistent brand voice? Brand voice can be an essential communication tool with your audience and sets the stage for how they will expect interactions with your team to go. Is your team very direct and professional, or are they more personable, casual, or friendly? Try to minimize any disconnect so that your Brand voice matches customer’s expectations and actual experience with your company.

Consistent Imagery

A B2B brand identity should include direction for photography, icon styling, and any background textures, illustrations, or infographics. Having a set style for each of these core brand visual approaches will help your company look more consistent and it turn more polished.

For icons, keep your selection to one style if possible. If you are using a variety of styles throughout your collateral, the different line weights, colors and levels of detail will clash and contribute to your overall brand feeling disjointed and unprofessional.

Delivering on the Expectations You Set
A brand goes beyond the visual…it is your company’s reputation. If you communicate an expectation in your B2B marketing materials, make it a priority to follow through. Let’s say you state that you will respond to form fills within 24 hours – that is a specific promise you should be able to deliver on.

B2B Branding & Marketing Success

For B2B marketing success, consistency is an integral consideration. Remember, inconsistencies in visual styling, writing tone, or expectations can create a negative impression of your business that is difficult to bounce back from.

Careful design management can be tough job, but it is worth it to prevent your B2B brand from looking chaotic or diluted. Build brand recognition and trust through consistency.

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