Building Your Brand- Every Interaction

As small business owners interact with clients, strategic partners, vendors, etc., they must remember every interaction creates their brand. Some small business owners seem to be only concerned with their customer relationships. However, they must realize that when they do business with partners and vendors, they are also creating a lasting image.

For instance, some small business owners can be unconcerned about paying vendors on time. They think “vendors are here to serve me and I will pay when I want.” They forget that their vendors are usually small business owners like themselves and can be a possible referral source. If you treat vendors the same way you want to be treated, a possible strategic partnership can arise. They will observe your professionalism and want to be affiliated with you.

A small business owner must respect both people they are working for and people working for them. This may seem like common sense but I see many small business owners who lose sight of this. The small business community is huge and we are all in this together. Special care must be paid to all business interactions because this will strengthen your brand. If you run your business with honesty and integrity, other like minded businesses will want to be part of your professional network.


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