Guest Post by Shawn Dennison: Video in Business

As business owners, we are always looking for new ways to market our companies. When a potential customer searches the Internet looking for a service, what is going to make your company stand out from the rest? You need to articulate your brand and make an impression — quickly. One of the best ways of accomplishing this is by developing a high quality video to introduce yourself and your product — produced by a professional video production company. A video can be used to market your business in multiple ways: embedded within your website, in a video news release, posted on social media sites and YouTube, email marketing, interactive displays and commercials.

According to PR Newswire, multimedia content is more broadly distributed – because each element of a multimedia release is distributed separately, and can attract its own audience – in social networks, and on search engines. Videos, for example, are distributed to more than 70 video-specific portals. Social media, such as Facebook or Twitter, allow people to share information quickly and enthusiastically with others. Consumers can “like” your video and your business – and distribute this information to their friends and followers.

These days, anyone with a flip cam or camcorder can call them self a professional videographer. From my perspective, the finished product that is produced in these cases often lacks a polish and can reflect poorly on your brand. Will potential customers that view your website take you seriously after seeing a poor quality video? Will they want to do business with you? In most cases, the answer is no.

You need to hire a reputable video production company with proven experience, has the demos to prove it, and has demonstrated ROI for their customers. You will notice when using a high quality company that it has a demonstrated professional shooting style, including the use of a tripod for steady video; crisp, clear audio; and enhanced lighting of interviews and scenery.

Would you make a positive impression interviewing for a job in shorts and sandals, or in a suit? The same can be said for video in marketing your business. A professional video will effectively tell your story, build your brand and get positive results.

About the Author:
An experienced and innovative photojournalist, D-PRO Inc. owner and president Shawn Dennison has more than 23 years of broadcast, commercial and corporate video expertise. Shawn has won numerous regional news Emmy ® Awards and Telly ® Awards, as well as being honored by the National Press Photographers Association and the Associated Press for excellence in videography and editing. For more information, visit


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