Guest Post by Steven Richardson: See and Be Seen – Solutions for Video on the Web

One of the questions we get asked all the time is ‘How do I get my video SEEN on the web?’ There are lots of simple things you can do to help get your video the viewers it needs, and most of them have to do with the placement and presentation of the video on your own website. Use this checklist below and see how your video measures up:

  1. Is your video on your website? There are lots of popular venues for placing video content, like Youtube and Vimeo, but an essential place for your video to be is on your own website. It’s a great chance for visitors to see be introduced to you while on your site, and to leave it out is a wasted opportunity.
  2. Where does your video show up on your website? If your answer is anything other than the Home page, then you could be losing potential viewers. As much as we all hope that visitors will click through and explore an entire website, the truth is that many visitors may not look farther than the Home page for several visits. Placing your video on the Home page gives your video the greatest chance of exposure. Additionally, placing the video on the top half of the Home page goes even further for catching a visitor’s attention.
  3. How are you labeling your video? Have you ever been on a website with icons that say ‘Learn About Us’ or ‘The Company Story’? There could be a video behind that link, or there could be a press release, or another web page, or a PDF – who knows? And since you only have a few seconds to grab a persons attention on the web, we’ve found that being direct seems to work best. What do you want the visitor to do? Tell them – ‘WATCH OUR VIDEO’!
  4. How are you presenting your video? Have you ever tried to watch a video on the web and been frustrated with how small it is, or how pixelated it is, or how the audio and video don’t sync up? Do you tough it out and watch it, or do you abandon ship and keep surfing? Now think about how your own video is presented. You’ve made the investment in a video for your company – treat it like the investment that it is! Knowing this is important, we offer video hosting packages that will help ensure your video is played – and seen – in the highest quality possible.

As with all lists, this is just a start. But on the road to getting your video viewed, these tips can help you get you on your way to more views and better results.  Check out the home page of our website to see some of our featured portfolio items, and this checklist in practice!

About the Author
Steven Richardson, Founder and President of Point7West
The founder and creative director of Point7West has worked in corporate video, sharing brands with the world for over 15 years. Believing that traditional corporate videos lacked spark, Steven was inspired to create visually stunning videos that would truly express a client’s true image.

Steven anchors the company with production services, video marketing and a focus on the image film industry. Steven has been committed to branding companies through image films and commercials, enabling clients to tell their unique stories with dynamic video in a polished and effective way. Helping each client meet business goals with each video, Steven has developed relationships with clients in varied industries.

With a background in corporate branding, entrepreneurship and strategic marketing, Steven has seen it all and filmed in the most interesting locations. He marvels that no job is ever the same—with different people, different locations and different stories to tell, Steven is inspired every day he gets to work with a new client. Whether he’s filming the corporate headquarters of a large company or the scenic outdoor spa of a resort hotel, Steven is always looking for fresh angles and exciting ways to capture his client’s message in the most visually stirring way.


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