Startup Business Marketing

Startup businesses are usually cash strapped and need to allocate resources carefully. When marketing a startup business, you need to find a balance between money and time allocation. Typically a startup business will have more time than money. Therefore, marketing tactics such as face-to-face networking, online social networking and blogging can be fruitful marketing tactics that require much more time than money. However, even if you have all the time in the world, there are tactics that a marketing agency is better equipped to handle.

As you discuss your startup business marketing plan with an agency, discuss the tasks you will be responsible for and the items the agency can address. An agency can develop a tactical plan comprised of effective lead generation and nurturing tactics. From there, you both can divide up the tasks. Being that a marketing agency does this all the time, rely on them to develop the strategy and advise you on implementation. For instance, an agency may develop a blogging strategy and advise you to blog. Even though you are a capable writer and can do this on your own, the agency can refine the approach – helping you with blog messaging, though leadership, distribution, etc.

Be up-front with an agency about your startup marketing budget. Also, be truthful about your skills and bandwidth. Being up-front will save time in the long run so your startup business is generating ideal customer leads faster. Being cash strapped, startup businesses typically allocate more marketing funds to online tactics versus traditional advertising. Traditional advertising is an effective marketing tactic but it can be cost prohibitive to startup businesses. Also, ensure the agency you hire does not devise a marketing strategy and not oversee implementation. Select an agency that can devise a strategy and has a proven track record with execution.


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