How B2B Firms Can Use QR Codes

QRCodeWith mobile browsing reaching 12% of all web related activity in September 2012, businesses are becoming increasingly aware that they need to focus on mobile marketing. The trend is toward responsive design. The design of a business’ website should respond to the platform being utilized – smart phone, tablet, laptop, etc. It used to be that you had a separate mobile website and main website. With new customer demands, responsive design is needed. Mobile usage and responsive design presents a new way to engage with clients. More and more businesses are utilizing QR codes but there is rarely optimal implementation.

What’s a QR Code?

QR Code is “Quick-Response Code.” QR Codes are two-dimensional bar codes that are used to point people to websites, landing pages and other forms of digital content. In most cases, users use a mobile device to scan those codes and once it’s complete, a user is transported to the content specified by that code.

How does a QR Code work?

A business can present an offer such as a coupon through a QR code. A customer can scan this code with their phone. This takes them to a coupon page where they can download it, print it and redeem it.

How are QR Codes misused?

Too many QR codes just send a scanner to a firm’s website and nothing else. Many businesses were just proud to have a QR code, even though it did very little to engage a potential customer. Businesses should only use a QR code if they can offer something enticing to a prospect.

How can a B2B firm use a QR code?

Many B2B firms have an opportunity to utilize a QR code through print advertising and direct mail. The best execution of a QR code is when a firm offers a white paper, guide, resource that resonates with their ideal prospective client. A firm can run an advertisement in a magazine with the call to action being to download a resource through the QR code.

Sales Benefit of QR codes?

Print advertisements and direct mail can drive people to a firm’s website but many times, a business does not have any way to capture these leads and have the sales team follow up. A QR code is best utilized when a QR code scanner must complete a form to access the offer. The form must be short – take minimal time to complete. A completed form coming from a QR code scan can generate quality leads for a sales department.

In the future, consumers will see more and more QR codes. The Los Angeles Times recently reported that QR scans “have soared to 2 million a month, nearly double the rate of last year and up from 80,000 a month in 2009,” making them one of the hottest trends in marketing today. With all these QR codes competing for a customer’s attention, it is important for the QR code to be the right offer for the right audience.