WordPress: More Than Just a Template Platform

At Bop Design, we design and build websites for clients of all types and sizes. Moreover, we build 99% of them in WordPress. There are plenty of good reasons why we do.

For starters, WordPress is easy to work with. Backend navigation is fast and simple. It offers a lot of functionality. It integrates well with search engines and social networks. And it gives you complete control over the site. It also has a thriving community of users and developers creating new features and functions to continually improve the platform.

Despite these advantages, every now and then we get a new client that objects to using WordPress because they don’t want a “template” website. What they’re really saying is they want a unique website for their business that doesn’t look like someone else’s. We couldn’t agree more!

Currently, there seems to be a lot of misconceptions about WordPress among small  businesses . The notion of WordPress being nothing more than a template web design platform is one of the most common, which leads to the belief that if you use WordPress you’ll end up with a website that looks the same as many others. Not so!

WordPress does offer a wide variety of template designs through WordPress Themes. These can be helpful for “solopreneurs” or small companies that want to build their own sites. But the real strength of the WordPress platform is its ability to create unique, creative designs to meet a company’s website objectives.

Some people also see WordPress as little more than a blogging platform. There’s no arguing that WordPress makes it easy to create and maintain successful blogs. But it also offers many features and functions that go way beyond just your typical blog. Others think that WordPress has a confusing interface that only a developer can understand, and that it leads to websites that can’t be updated easily. Again, not true.

The truth about WordPress is that it stands out as one of the most popular content management systems (CMS) ever created. It offers a robust yet simple platform that most developers can work with. This means you don’t get tied to a particular design or hosting firm that uses a proprietary CMS.

Managing a WordPress website doesn’t require in-depth knowledge of HMTL or other programming codes. You can choose from a multitude of free and paid plugins to customize and extend the functionality of your website. These include shopping carts, audio, video, forum, and security features, and more.

Most of all, WordPress does not box you into a template. A WordPress website can look any way you want it to look, from a standard blog to something a little or a lot more interesting.

Keep in mind that the goal isn’t just to have a pretty web site. It’s to build a robust content management system that accomplishes your marketing objectives and helps to grow your business. In that respect, WordPress is more than just a website design platform. It’s a powerful marketing and business management tool.


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