Too Bashful to Boast? How to Gain Media Attention for Your B2B Business

In today’s media, the name of the game is “content.” Releasing regular, relevant content about your industry will spread awareness among the clients on your current mailing list as well as garner local or national attention. Many B2B companies mistakenly think that their business isn’t doing anything press-worthy, so they assume that they’re locked out of the media game.

However, with the right mindset and a clear plan of action, your business can start to generate interesting, noteworthy content to release to relevant media outlets that can help your business increase brand awareness.

Here’s how to do it.

Quit Hiding
Get the word out about your business! In today’s marketplace, content marketing (communicating with your customers by providing relevant, useful content without a hard sell) gives readers a reason to pass along the info to their circles and establishes a word-of-mouth bond that can be great for your business. If you’re not blogging regularly, you’re already behind.

Take a Stand
Businesses can’t afford to be wishy-washy with their brands. Write your own content or work with a reputable PR or marketing agency to generate content that informs your readers but also posits a clear business position. Unless your company is in the encyclopedia business, there is no need to remain completely impartial. Stay away from incendiary topics like politics or religion but establish a clear position or recommendation when creating content for your blog or press releases.

Alert the Press
Press releases also play an important role in generating “earned media,” which is attention you receive through publicity efforts that aren’t paid advertising. In 2013, Nielsen determined that earned media and word-of-mouth recommendations are some of the strongest ways to connect with clients, so doing something press-worthy is worth it to your business.

Blog and Reblog
Traditional news outlets aren’t the only available resource to spread your message. Industry forums, blogs, and newsletters are already targeted to the clientele with whom you most want to share your message. Besides a content marketing plan that generates original content for your business website and newsletter, reach out to other industry bloggers to exchange content with them. It will generate fresh content for your site and also get your message out to groups to whom you might not otherwise have access.

Rework your content
You can re-purpose each of your business blog posts into a press release, provided that your PR angle is interesting and worthy of publication. Many B2B publications are starving for great content and getting your messages to as many outlets as possible ensures that you’re not only getting eyeballs on your content, but also fusing your message with reputable online publications.

Press-worthy is as Press-worthy does
Approach the day-to-day that everything your business does is press-worthy. And if it isn’t, find a timely topic it can relate to. Stay up to date with current industry news and release content with topics that are trending now.

Work with a Professional
Quality is the most important part of content marketing, so working with a public relations firm, marketing agency, or other professional copywriting service can be a huge boost to your business. Professional content writers know how to take your blog ideas and write compelling, attention-grabbing headlines and body copy that will appeal to prospective clients. They are also well versed at re-structuring blog posts into press releases and white papers, so your content marketing strategy can be executed without a headache on your part.

Be Regular
Blog posts and press releases take time to generate interest (and returns) but with regular continuity, they will eventually begin to take hold. Frequently releasing information also makes it easier for your business to chart the effectiveness and results of your messaging. Tracking the impact of your PR and content marketing efforts is more difficult if your posts and press releases are sporadic.

Don’t be bashful about your business’s content marketing plan. Spreading your brand message across a wide range of media outlets will generate awareness and affinity for your business. The hardest part is getting started.


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