B2B Email Marketing: MailChimp vs. Constant Contact

B2B email marketing—like many marketing tactics—often relies on outdated,  impractical technology to accomplish regular customer outreach. For those battling Constant Contact, allow us to introduce you to a “new” provider: MailChimp.

Don’t let its lighthearted name and youthfulness in the marketplace confuse you, here are the reasons we think you should ditch clunky Constant Contact and enter the MailChimp jungle:

1) You’ll use it more

MailChimp could not make email marketing more straightforward. Every aspect from the list uploading to the design to the final send is made with the user in mind. Dare we say it’s so easy even your CEO could use it? Definitely. Even better: because it makes more advanced options like testing, list segmentation and template creation simpler—you’re going to want to start sending better emails more frequently.

2) Edit templates with ease

Building on the point of easy email marketing, MailChimp provides a visual editor side for creating custom templates. This makes a huge difference when available time and staff knowledge on hand is scarce. Negating the need to edit a template solely with HTML means even non-developer beginners can modify an email design and focus more energy on what you’re going to say.

3) It plays well with others

Aside from the usability factor when creating an email, MailChimp’s cleaner code also reduces the chances of your email getting caught in spam filters. In addition, the service provides developer-friendly API, which allows for some pretty cool partnering with other web platforms such as WordPress, Salesforce Eventbrite, Twitter and more.

4) Auto removes bounced emails

Can you reliably say all emails on your list are still active? Telling your boss that you send to a list in the thousands may sound nice, but it isn’t helping your marketing efforts if a good portion of those emails are inactive. MailChimp automatically pinpoints and removes the addresses of bounced emails—therefore reducing your bounce rate and keeping your list up to date.

5) Enforces ethical email marketing practices

Every MailChimp user has seen the warning note that all imported emails are from people who have opted into receiving your information. MailChimp works hard to keep businesses honest, ethical and non-spammy—hitting any users who are sending to huge unqualified lists.

6) Cost efficient

MailChimp pricing is based on the number of list subscribers, meaning many small businesses can accomplish their marketing tasks with a free account. And if you do outgrow your current account, paid subscriptions offer some great perks aside from just more the ability to send to more people, including A/B testing, additional email analytics and optimized email recommendations.

7) Inspires its customers

It’s always great to have a business partner that inspires and excites you to perform better. Last year, MailChimp created a fun and informative year-end review to keep customers engaged in their brand. Their blog and support pages always provide useful information. Not to mention their new MailChimp At Work gives you even more inspiration from other MailChimp users.


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