New Website Launch: Nth Generation

Cloud, security, big data, networking. Today’s IT world is rapidly changing and Nth Generation is here to help businesses navigate. Through their transparent consulting and professional guidance process, Nth serves a variety of clients in high data and security needs industries such as hospitals and education. Nth Generation came to Bop Design with a dated website design that pigeonholed Nth’s expertise as simply a product reseller—not a long term partner.

Nth Generation’s unique value proposition is their belief that large, information-dependent organizations need the support of a technically advanced, vendor-neutral IT advisor. The new Nth Generation website communicates at the forefront that businesses have choices when choosing an IT solution. Nth Generation is there to filter through the possibilities and create a solution based on the current budget and needs of a company.

The new website features three main areas—Solutions, Services and Technologies—to clearly explain their approach and partnerships. The Solutions and Services pages communicate their expertise in the IT world and the best practices that they follow when implementing a project. The Technologies page a transparent listing of their “vendor agnostic” approach and strong partnerships in the industry.

The website acts as an effective conversion tool with Nth Generation created resources. The Nth Blog, content library and video library all position the brand as a thought leader while capturing valuable ideal customer leads.

Finally, to position the brand as a leader in security and big data, the Nth Generation website was built using responsive web design to address potential clients across all web devices (e.g. laptop, tablet and mobile).





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