New Website Launch: Pegasus Building Services

Comprehensive cleaning service provider Pegasus Building Services is known for its attention-to-detail and high quality cleaning solutions. Pegasus serves industries that require clean, healthy and safe indoor environments such as cleanrooms, data centers, laboratories and more.

When initially starting with Bop Design, the Pegasus website failed to present the brand as a superior cleaning partner. In addition, their service offering was not clearly outlined—hindering Pegasus from communicating their full breadth of abilities. They needed a website that not only communicated their unique value propositions, but also educated prospective clients on the importance of investing in the right cleaning partner for long-term facility management.

Bop Design set out to create four “microsites” housed under a primary homepage. By setting up the hierarchy with Pegasus’s four specialty areas at the forefront, users could quickly navigate to solution they needed—as opposed to before when visitors had to dig through pages of content.

On the landing page the Pegasus brand values are also clearly stated to present the company as a long-term cleaning partner—not simply another vendor. For last minute needs, Bop Design incorporated calls to action for emergency cleaning and users who need immediate response and quotes.

Finally, Bop Design created a special resource library page complete with white papers and one-sheets (also created by Bop Design) for prospective clients to educate themselves on the Pegasus service.

The website is now live on






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