7 Branding Tips from Marketing Pros

The term branding is often an over-complicated term that leaves many a marketer or business owner feeling overwhelmed. Why? Because it encapsulates everything about your company. No stress there! No wonder people shy away from the branding process.

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Yes, the process of building a brand is often an in-depth process, but it doesn’t need to be overwhelming. Whether you are just launching your company, looking to change directions, or interested in tightening up your marketing message, we’ve got 7 branding tips from the B2B branding professionals at Bop Design.

1. Be Authentic

Your target market, whether they are medical professionals, IT managers, accountants, executives, business owners, or contractors are savvy. They can sniff out insincere marketing messages from a mile away. The number one branding tip we have for firms is to be authentic. Don’t try to create a B2B brand persona that isn’t true or realistic. Your company is awesome and has great services or products for the market – stick to the REAL value you have to offer.

What’s the real story behind your company?

2. Be Original

Imitation is the highest form of flattery…except when it comes to branding. Don’t try to replicate the brands for Apple, Microsoft, IBM, Cisco, or Samsung. They already exist and it’s a branding sin to copy them. Copying an existing brand tells your target audience that you don’t have anything new to offer and aren’t a leader or innovator. When it comes to B2B marketing and branding, your services and products aren’t what defines your brand – it’s often how you deliver the services or products that separates you from your competition.

What makes your company unique?

3. Solve a Problem

Your target market isn’t looking for a product or service. They are looking for a solution to a problem they have. A strong brand reflects the solution your firm has to offer. Determine what main problem your brand solves and focus on that. Your product or service may solve multiple problems, but you need to focus on the most important problem it solves.

How does your company make life easier for your clients?

4. Compel Your Audience

When creating or updating your brand, make sure it’s compelling and really SAYS something of value. It doesn’t need to be over the top or flashy, but it really needs to speak to your audience and grab their attention. The best way to be compelling is to appeal to emotion. A compelling brand is one that has a clear message and draws on the emotions of a potential client.

How does your company make clients feel?

5. Uphold Your Promise

Your brand is essentially what you promise to deliver to your clients. Your B2B brand absolutely must uphold the reality of your product or service delivery. This is where firms have the biggest struggle – the brand they want to create doesn’t match the reality of their offerings. If you focus on being authentic, your brand will always accurately portray your service offerings.

Do your brand promise and service delivery match up?

6. Don’t Be Everything

You can’t be everything to everyone. Don’t try to be. A strong B2B brand is specific and often niche. Apple doesn’t sell washing machines or cars because that’s not where they excel (not currently, anyways). Know your B2B firm’s strong points and have a defined value proposition. Don’t stray from this. Your firm can’t do everything well, but you can do certain things exceptionally well.

Where is your sweet spot or where does your firm excel at offering value?

7. Stay the Course

Consistency is key to creating a compelling brand. Write down your brand message and your firm’s value proposition. Make sure every single piece of marketing, sales, customer service, and operational piece of content you create or design is inline with this brand message. If your brand is centered around innovation – don’t use a tired, old logo or outdated design.

Always ask, does this fit with our brand?

These 7 tips are meant to be a guide as you determine and refine your brand. Before you get started on your B2B branding efforts, check out 5 major branding mistakes you should avoid. Have any branding questions before your get started? Let us know in the comments.


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