3 Rules for Getting Past the Gatekeeper the Right Way

If you work in sales, then you know getting past the gatekeeper of an organization can be an insurmountable challenge. You have a product or service worthy of the attention of the business owner, but the gatekeeper won’t put the call through. What do you do?

I’ll tell you what you can do, follow these three rules and the gatekeeper may just put your call through.

Do Your Due Diligence

Take a couple minutes to peruse the company’s B2B website. Do you want to talk to the business owner? Then do your due diligence and figure out who the business owner is before you cold call the company. If you believe your product or service is a good fit for this business, then spend a few minutes figuring out who you need to speak to at the organization. Blindly calling a business asking to speak to the business owner is insulting, especially when you can easily figure out their name by going to the B2B website and doing a little research.

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Speak with Authority

Speak with authority when you call a business. You know who you need to talk to, so kindly ask the gatekeeper to put your call through. You mean business so having authority in your voice will be received by the gatekeeper as such.  If you are confident in your approach, the gatekeeper won’t waste your time with the song and dance of screening your call. As a self-titled, no-nonsense gatekeeper for our B2B agency, I can say that I have unknowingly put sales calls thru to my business owner simply because the caller was authoritative and direct on the call.

Be a Human

Be a human and ask for help. Are you a robot calling a list of businesses asking to speak to the business owner or are you a human who wants to help businesses grow with your amazing product or service? Have a human approach rather than a scripted sales pitch you dive right into as soon as the gatekeeper says hello. Explain to the gatekeeper why your product or service will make the business owner’s life easier and how you can help the business. Be sincere and genuine as this will be well received by the gatekeeper and they will feel inclined to help you by putting your call through.

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The Truth: Authenticity Wins

To summarize, have an authentic approach when calling a business. Look at the company’s B2B website and determine who is the best person to speak to regarding your product or service. Be direct and ask to speak to them like you have a call scheduled already. Please don’t try to build rapport by asking how the gatekeeper is doing today, be respectful of this person’s time and get to the point. I receive countless sales calls daily here at Bop Design, so hopefully, my suggestions will help you get past the gatekeeper and get your product or service in front the right person.

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