Why a B2B Website Is a Necessary Investment

When you walk into a building for the first time, the first thing you see is the lobby. A lobby says a lot about a building. Is it a nice building? Is there security? Is it up to date or does it look like something out of the 1970s? Is it clean or is there dust built up in all the corners? Does it have an easy to find directory to get you where you need to go? A lobby says a lot about a building and often sets the tone for the rest of your visit.

Your B2B web design is similar to a building’s lobby in that it’s the first thing that your prospects will see about your company. It also sets the tone for the first interaction with your company.

Take a look at your current website and answer these questions:

Does it look professional and polished?

When you look at the images and layout of the website, do they represent your company’s brand in the best light possible? If the images are pixelated or blurry, that sends a message about your company that you aren’t professional and may not be a legitimate firm. Definitely not a message you want to send to a potential client.

Does it look current and up-to-date?

It’s often easy to identify a website that is 5 years old. It’s even easier to identify a website that is over 5 years old. It looks outdated and doesn’t have the same functionality, like a mobile-friendly display, that current B2B web designs have. Additionally, does the website reflect the product and services your company currently offers? In many cases, even information about products and services from two years ago is considered outdated or stale.

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Is the website a reflection of your brand?

A high-tech company like Apple or Salesforce doesn’t have a lobby that looks like it was designed in 1983, it wouldn’t reflect their current branding of cutting-edge and modern. When you look at your website, does it reflect your B2B branding? If your branding is about ease-of-use and customer service, does your website clearly get users where they need to go and connect them with your customer service team? Or if your branding is about speedy delivery and custom designs, does your website load quickly and clearly represent a custom look?

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Is your website easy to navigate or does it appear cluttered?

There is a lot of information you need to convey to your prospects and clients in a short amount of time. It’s easy for websites that have a ton of information to start to appear cluttered or visually noisy.

Does your website have a clear user flow?

A professional B2B web design should have a clear user flow. You want your prospects and clients to know exactly where to go and what to click on next. Look at your existing website and ask yourself if it is obvious what the user should do once they land on the page. If you think you are too familiar with your website, ask a new employee or a family member or friend who isn’t familiar with the site. They will tell you right away if the site is tough to use.

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Don’t have a dusty, old website

Your B2B web design says a lot about your company, your brand promise, your products and services, and what it’s like to be a client of yours. If your website is like a dusty, old lobby, it’s going to be a major turnoff and could be causing damage to your brand online by making your company appear outdated and out-of-touch.

A professional B2B web design is not a superfluous investment, rather it’s a critical component of your brand. It’s the digital face of your company and should accurately represent your company to potential prospects.

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