4 Rules for Picking the Perfect Logo for Your B2B Firm

Over the course of my creative career, I’ve worked on hundreds of logo redesign projects. While a logo design may seem simple, the process of picking the right logo often becomes overcomplicated, which tends to drag out the design and decision process.

To help simplify and smooth out the logo selection process, I’m sharing 4 rules for picking the right logo for your B2B firm.

Rule #1 – There is no such thing as a perfect logo.

If you go into a logo redesign project looking for a “perfect” logo, you’ve already set yourself up for disaster. Design is subjective by nature and it’s literally impossible to make all of your stakeholders happy – even when it comes to something as seemingly simple as a logo. Your logo is only one representation of your B2B brand, it is not your entire brand.

Rule #2 – Emotions should not dictate your logo.

I’ve designed and implemented new logos for hundreds of companies and for whatever reason, it’s always the most emotional decision. One reason it becomes emotional is that it’s often the one B2B marketing project that everyone feels like they should have a say in.

However, great B2B marketers know they should always be working back from their target market. It’s not about what they personally want or if the CEO likes blue or if Polly from Accounting thinks logo option #3 looks like a unicorn. Put yourself in your customers’ shoes and be pragmatic when deciding on your logo.

Rule #3 – Make sure your logo stands the test of time.

You may sell server-side software to data centers now, but what’s your business going to be like in 10, 20 or 30 years? Maybe over time you’ve expanded your suite of products, added consulting services or grown into new verticals. Whatever it is, the last thing you want is to change your logo every 5, 10 or 15 years.

A good logo should stand the test of time for decades. It should not go out of style after a few years or become inaccurate or meaningless as time goes on. Have you noticed how global consulting firms like Accenture and McKinsey have clean and classic type-based logos? That’s because they are constantly evolving with the business world around them and know that having a consistent look is key to their ever-growing brand reputation.

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Rule #4 – Time is money, so make a decision already!

In the hundreds of logo redesign projects I’ve been involved in, I’ve seen so much time, money, and energy wasted with indecision. Sometimes people get so caught up in the logo, they lose sight of the whole implementation and benefit of doing a logo redesign in the first place.

When the logo isn’t finalized, it’s often holding up new revenue-generating B2B marketing tactics. Once the logo project is completed, there is also the immense task of implementing the new brand. The implementation alone (for even for smaller companies) can take up to a year or more, depending on all the digital and print assets that need to be rebranded.

To help make the decision in an efficient manner, limit the number of decision makers to ideally 1 and no more than 3. Also, don’t lose sight of the bottom-line benefits of the rebrand and remember all the work that still needs to be done once the logo is finalized.

I understand that a new logo design is an exciting time for B2B marketers, however, it’s important to keep the overall brand strategy and goals in mind when picking a new logo for your company.

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