Tips to Make Money Off Your CRM

In this post, we share tips on how to properly leverage your customer relationship management (CRM) database to increase revenue for your firm.

Are you getting the most out of your CRM?

If you aren’t maximizing your organization’s CRM to earn revenue, now is the time. Want to be the lead picker of all low hanging fruit? Below are several tested strategies to help you get started right now.

Upselling Current Clients

You have likely worked hard to establish a strong business relationship with your client, now it’s time to provide additional value. How can you help them make more money or grow their business with your services?

You’re the expert, so help them grow by offering another type of service or product that will benefit their business.

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Re-engage with Previous Clients

Is your newsletter reaching all of your previous clients?

Perform a spot audit to ensure both previous and current clients are in your CRM database and subscribed to your marketing newsletter. At Bop Design, we’ve had previous clients reply to our newsletter numerous times, asking for our help or letting us know they have been meaning to reach out to discuss a new project.

Another approach is to send an email to previous clients to check in with them to see how they are handling the pandemic. In the check-in email, remind them that you are here to help with a specific CTA tailored to their business.

Pro tip: Make sure the frequency of your newsletter as well as the content are geared to keep readers engaged.

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Nurture Cold Leads

What happens to a lead who doesn’t set up a call?

What about a visitor to your website who downloaded a pdf and never responded to an initial email?

You don’t need HubSpot, Pardot or a sophisticated CRM to nurture cold leads. Once a visitor has downloaded a case study here at Bop Design, Salesforce creates a lead profile. From there, I send them a personalized email thanking them and offering additional resources. This communication is meant to position me as an expert who wants to help solve their problem. If I don’t hear back, I task myself with a 30-day follow-up email offering to help and again sending a useful resource. After this second email, I task myself with a third follow-up email 45 days after the initial email, this time researching their website and offering a specific call to action.

We live in a very busy, distracted world. Having a long-term, follow-up process that is personalized to that visitor is critical. A lead isn’t dead because they don’t respond to one email or one phone call. Remember how much this person has on their plate and continue reaching out.

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Utilize Social Media

Use your CRM to find and follow your clients on social media. Make sure to do more than just like their posts; really engage by commenting and contributing to their messages. Build rapport by getting to know them and supporting them online. If you want to take it a step further, see who is following your past and current clients and follow organizations that fall into your buyer personas.

Pro Tip: Social media is best utilized as a brand awareness tool with the goal of community engagement.

Connect via LinkedIn

Part of our sales process involves using LinkedIn to connect with prospects who reach out inquiring about our B2B marketing services. If you are not connecting with every prospect via LinkedIn when you set up an initial call, you should be. LinkedIn is a great opportunity to utilize your CRM to connect with every lead, even if they change companies or email addresses. We’ve had great success on LinkedIn with Marketing Managers reaching out after they have moved to another organization and are in need of our services.

Many of these strategies are easy to implement and can possibly generate thousands of dollars in revenue for your organization without costing any additional ad spend. Get creative with both your approach and utilize your existing CRM to create additional revenue for your B2B firm.

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