The B2B Sales Journey: An Odyssey

The 2021 B2B Sales Journey Odyssey begins with digital marketing because, without it, there are no sales.

Each digital platform should share a story about how your company can solve your prospect’s problem. Most importantly, your company’s B2B website design should be easy to navigate, visually appealing and a hub of information and resources. Your website absolutely must showcase your product or service clearly and making it identifiable to your audience.

The goals of every successful B2B website are:

  1. To attract potential prospects
  2. Position your company as an industry leader
  3. Convert viable leads into sales

The following four areas of focus will help you develop a deeper understanding to communicate what, why and how your product or service solves your audience’s problem. The end goal is to create and foster a long-term, satisfied, cohesive client relationship.

B2B Buyer Communication

Today’s B2B buyers prefer to conduct their own research during the initial information gathering stage. This is your opportunity to leverage the content on your B2B website to ensure the potential buyer gets the information they need right now.

Next, when a prospect initiates contact via a web form, take a personalized approach. A personalized approach during the discovery or evaluation phase of the buyer’s journey establishes a human-to-human connection. Be the resource they need by being thoughtful. Take a few minutes to research their organization and create an authentic, direct response to their inquiry.

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Brand Experience

The brand messaging on B2B website has to create an accurate first impression of your services or products. Specifically, the website must provide easily identifiable, accessible, relative content to answer any questions your prospects may have.

When responding to an inquiry, think quality over quantity as you do not want to overwhelm the prospect with too much content in your initial response. It is critical the first email addresses their initial query with specific content. This first response needs to be carefully crafted and centered on the customer experience (not on your products or services). Make it as easy as possible for the prospect to engage with your brand and demonstrate your ability to listen. Be a resource, not just a salesperson.

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Sales Interactions

This last year has certainly reminded us of the value of human connectivity. Businesses can cultivate an authentic human to human connection by listening first and foremost to the needs of the prospect. The sales team must be initially responsive, direct and lead communications with empathy.

Keep in mind, every interaction with the prospect is your opportunity to create a positive experience that generates trust. When listening to the prospect, your goal should be to identify how your business can help. This willingness to actively listen further establishes trust and a meaningful relationship with your prospect that will grow over time.

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Post Sales Engagement

It is critical at this stage of the B2B sales journey to engage the client as a Brand Advocate. Schedule monthly Zoom calls and to show how your product or service provides value with detailed reporting and metrics. This personalized attention post-sales demonstrates how much your organization values their business. Check-in regularly, answer their calls and provide a timely response to all inquiries. A little personalized attention goes a long way, now more than ever.

If your B2B organization needs help building a digital presence, establishing thought leadership content, or creating a strong brand message, we can help. Contact us today to connect with our B2B marketing experts.

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