3 B2B Website Must-Haves for 2021

As we embark on our 2021 marketing adventures and happily bid adieu to 2020, we wanted to share our top B2B website must-haves for the upcoming year.

Now, more than ever, your B2B website is the vital core of your brand communications. Gone are the days of tradeshows, sales meetings, and dog and pony shows at your beautiful office. Your website is now the first interaction ALL your prospective customers have with your brand, and no doubt, marketers are feeling the pressure.

To help keep your head straight, here are the top 3 must-haves to ensure your website is a success in 2021.

  1. Strategy for driving high-quality traffic

A beautiful website is not much value unless you are driving high-quality traffic to the website. While a traffic strategy may seem like a no-brainer, after 300 website builds, I’m always amazed at how many marketers worry over every detail of the website design but rarely give much thought to how they will drive traffic.

Your traffic strategy should be multi-pronged – composed of organic search, paid search, retargeting, and referral. Documenting, evaluating, and managing this strategy regularly is also important to grow that traffic over time.

If you’ve been neglecting your traffic strategy, 2021 is the year to give it some love.

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  1. Growth-oriented design and content strategy

If we’ve learned one thing last year is that change is constant. Having a website that is user-friendly with great messaging isn’t enough anymore. At Bop Design, we’ve always touted a flexible website that can easily be updated is critical, but this last year has proven that. Not only did we design, write, and develop over 30 websites, we helped countless clients grow their website with content and design features needed for the rapidly changing business climates.

When developing a growth-oriented strategy, you want to determine what your website needs now, what it will need 3 to 6 months from now, and what it could need years from now. Implementing a design and content infrastructure to support that growth will help you push changes quicker when the time comes.

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  1. Strategy for managing inbound leads

Yay – the hard part is over! You’ve got form completions, quote requests, white paper downloads, and chats – now what?

Not all inbound leads are created equal, and not having a strategy for moving them through the funnel can hurt your ROI. Turning leads into long-term client relationships takes time and the collaboration of both marketing and sales teams.

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Looking to update your B2B web design this year? Contact us to discuss your goals and objectives for your new website.

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