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Blue Oak Pharmaceuticals, an early stage pharmaceutical company, approached Bop Design with the goal of revamping their website to better communicate their unique value proposition. They wanted to showcase their differentiation, highlight the current status and progress of their research and development (R&D) strategy and pipeline, emphasize their expanding research partnerships, and provide investor validation, including their NIH funding.


Our team conducted a thorough analysis of Blue Oak Pharmaceuticals’ requirements and objectives. To effectively communicate how Blue Oak is different, we focused on creating a visually appealing and intuitive design that emphasized their core strengths and key differentiators. We utilized engaging visuals, captivating headlines, and concise messaging to highlight their innovative approach to pharmaceutical research and development. The new website includes infographics and charts so visitors can easily understand the company’s achievements. To emphasize their R&D initiatives, we carved out a section that highlights their many impressive partnerships plus a dedicated section to showcase their NIH funding, which was a big win for the company.


After implementing the redesigned website, Blue Oak Pharmaceuticals saw significant improvements in key performance metrics. Site visitors increased by 77% while the total number of sessions increased by an impressive 104%. The average session duration also showed significant improvement, with an increase of 45.41%. This indicates that visitors found the website more engaging, spending more time exploring the content and absorbing key messages. Blue Oak Pharmaceuticals now enjoys a more compelling online presence, better positioning them in this competitive industry.


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