Aivaras Stankevicius


Aivaras is a Web Developer, who started his IT career at the bank as a Quality Assurance Tester in 2009. Having a curious mind and an interest in finding out how things work, he started digging deeper into the internal code of websites and started learning web development on his own. After finishing a project at the bank, Aivaras accepted a QA tester position at DigitalMojo Inc. company in 2010, where he continued to develop not only his skills as a tester, but as a developer as well. After spending three years of learning intricacies of the WEB and applying his gained knowledge to small projects, he was finally promoted to a Web Developer in 2013. He has been working on developing responsive websites since then. Aivaras loves solving problems and implementing technical solutions, he codes with a focus on usability and user experience, and builds sites according to the best practices and web standards. He solves problems through researching and user testing.

At BOP Design, Aivaras spends most of his time developing beautiful, responsive websites and helping to implement and improve existing or new features. While not glued to the screen, Aivaras lifts weights, plays basketball, watches soccer, explores the outdoors, drinks tea and eats his wife’s homemade pies or cookies, or both.