B2B Websites – Sales Vehicle?

Many B2B firms do not think their website can be a valuable lead generation and nurturing tool. These firms believe no good customer lead would search for their services on the web, let alone contact them after visiting their website. When I view some firm’s existing website, I tend to agree. The website is not a credibility piece or resource center for current and prospective clients. When I then ask a B2B firm owner about analytics – tracking visitors and their actions on the website – all I get in return is a blank stare. How can B2B business owners be so positive about the lack of sales potential of their websites? Unfortunately most B2B business owners make decisions more on gut feeling versus any solid data and research.

For a B2B firm, how can your website be a sales vehicle? The following are attributes of an effective website that generates quality sales leads:

Intuitive Website Design
A website design is not just about the fonts and colors on a web page. How is the content organized? Is the most important information “front and center”? Can a visitor find the content they are seeking within two clicks? Effective website design not only builds credibility but also allows a visitor to easily navigate the site and engage with your firm. If a B2B company website is designed properly, it will serve as a gateway to conversation with your sales team.

Premium Content Focused on Conversion
As a B2B firm’s website is being re-designed, it is important to identify premium content that requires a visitor to complete a form to access. Premium content can be white papers, prospectuses, videos, online tools, etc. The creation of these premium tools will increase conversion and allow a sales person to follow up with a visitor to continue the conversation. It’s great news when you see a visitor view 15 pages on your website. However, if your sales team is not capturing their contact information, there is no way to follow up. Premium content entices the visitor and serves an excellent method to capture lead information.

Social Media as Lead Nurturing Tool
B2B firms are lagging on the social media marketing front. An excellent way for a B2B company to initiate a social media marketing campaign is through lead nurturing. For every lead captured on the website, make sure that a sales person is assigned to each lead and is responsible for linking with them on social media. This allows a sales person to position your B2B firm as a thought leader through quality content on various social media channels. Social media allows your firm to stay in front of ideal prospects, have a conversation with them for a period of time and eventually transition a lead to a paying client.


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