Collaboration – Driving Effective Feedback on Web Design Projects

The process of creating a new website design for a client is a collaborative one. Not only do members of the Bop Design team work together, but we also work with our clients to give them a website that resonates with their target market. This collaborative process is impossible without constructive feedback.

For those not used to the design process, giving feedback can be difficult, even confusing. Here are some tips on providing constructive feedback:

  • Condense Your Thoughts
    While it may be easy to provide feedback in little bits and pieces as you think of it, this can lead to miscommunication and even lost communication. A more effective solution is to note all of your comments and then provide it all at once. It’s fine to take a few days to collect your thoughts if that means you’ll be able to communicate them more effectively.
  • Choose Your Method of Communication
    Some people prefer email, while others prefer the phone. If you’re more comfortable talking, ask to set up a conference call. Our goal is to understand your feedback, regardless of how you want to give it.
  • Get Consensus First
    If you have several people on your team who want to provide input on the website, work with them before providing us with feedback. If we have one team member says they like the color blue and then a different team member says blue is their least favorite color, the design process is slowed.
  • Be Honest and Specific
    Our goal is to design a website that effectively communicates your company’s brand. We want to know if you don’t like the design! The earlier you communicate your preferences, the better. Try to be as specific as possible. Do you dislike the buttons, or is it just the font you don’t like?

Keeping these tips in mind when reviewing website design concepts can help speed the process along. A smooth, speedy process typically ensures satisfaction—which is Bop Design’s goal with every website design project.


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