Bop Design Challenges Conventional Wisdom with New Infographic on B2B Social Media Marketing

Bop Challenges Conventional Wisdom with New Infographic: B2B Social Media Marketing

Bop Design, a web design and marketing agency with offices in San Diego and New Jersey, has released a new infographic analyzing Facebook and LinkedIn usage. The marketing firm then applies these lessons to B2B marketing.

“Conventional wisdom says that if you are a B2C company, you should spend more time marketing on Facebook, and if you are a B2B firm, you should spend more time marketing on LinkedIn. Our infographic suggests that this strategy can be misguided,” states Bop Design Business Principal, Jeremy Durant. The infographic contends that prospective buyers do not compartmentalize professional and personal social networking, and that marketing to a prospective business buyer while they are socially networking on Facebook can still be effective.

“Let’s look at traditional advertising. Plenty of B2B companies market to potential business buyers on television during sporting events, game shows, etc. Also, plenty of B2B advertising takes place in other sections of the newspaper besides the business section. It’s the same idea with social media.”

The infographic focuses on the time spent on Facebook versus LinkedIn, and the mistaken notion that only young people socially network on Facebook. “A CEO may stay in touch with his children who are away at college through Facebook. That CEO may spend one hour a day on Facebook while he may only spend one hour a week on LinkedIn,” states Durant. “This is an excellent time to reach this CEO with the appropriate advertising message. Just because they are at home and socially networking on a personal level does not mean they turn off their CEO mind.”

View the B2B Social Media Marketing Infographic.

B2B Social Media Marketing Infographic


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