New Client Website Design: THOR Financial

THOR Financial is a hard money lender that provides a secure source of capital to the real estate industry. The company deals with both real estate investors seeking short-term loans and passive investors looking to invest in high-yield debt secured by real estate. THOR Financial is unique among hard money lenders in that it has the funds to close a deal if an investor cannot be found in a timely manner.

As a growing company, THOR Financial needed a website that was not only easy to update, but also presented a professional image. The website needed to provide the visitor with interaction and frequently updated content. The website also needed to encourage potential borrows and investors to call THOR to obtain more information.

Bop created a clean, crisp website design that clearly demonstrates THOR Financial’s professionalism. Both the structure of the design and the imagery communicate that THOR is a seasoned company with strong capabilities. By using WordPress as a content management system, Bop enabled the THOR team to keep the website updated with fresh content—a must for a company that offers short-term loans. The website provides a firm foundation for all of THOR Financial’s marketing efforts and will help nurture the company’s continued growth.


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