WordCamp Orange County 2012

On June 2 – June 3 this summer, Vanguard University will be hosting WordCamp Orange County 2012 in Costa Mesa, CA. It will be the third ever WordCamp event in Orange County and the first time Bop Design will be sponsoring it.

WordCamps are conferences covering everything related to WordPress, the free and open source CMS that millions are using on the Internet. Here is a list of other WordCamp conferences happening in the future.

Emily VonSydow, our Project Coordinator, will be joining myself in attending the conference. The first day will feature lecture-style presentations and the second day is a free form, developer hack-a-thon. There seems to be a good balance of lectures for beginners and advanced users. Many of the topics being covered are subjects that web developers are bound to run into in their careers. The sessions that I plan on attending are:

I find it pretty interesting that some of the speakers are people who have developed a few of the WordPress plug-ins that I use on occasion. It’s always nice to be able to thank some one in person for all their hard work.

On the second day, there’s the developer hack-a-thon. I’ve never been to a hack-a-thon or know too much about them but I’d definitely like to check it out. I’m very curious to see exactly what kind of hacking is going to be happening.

Overall, it looks like WordCamp OC 2012 is going to be a very promising event. It’s just another reason with I enjoy developing with WordPress. The community support for WordPress is amazing, unrivaled by any other open source CMS.

During the conference look out for  live Bop Design blog updates covering our experience at WordCamp.


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