New Client Website Design: Diane Gilabert, Tax Maven

Diane Gilabert, Tax Maven, is an expert in complex tax situations. She consults with small, high-quality CPA firms, lending them her years of experience in tax research and tax compliance. Diane stands as an attractive alternative to consulting with a larger firm. Larger firms may provide the expertise smaller CPA firms need, but they also present the danger of taking clients away from the smaller firms. Because Diane does not take on retail clients, she provides a safe solution.

When Diane came to Bop Design, she didn’t have a website or any kind of corporate identity. Bop took Diane through the whole process of creating a stronger brand, starting with naming advisement and logo and business card design. Once the logo was finalized, Bop created a website design to match the logo and made recommendations for the best domain names for Diane to register.

The goal of the design work was to inspire Diane’s clients and potential clients with a sense of security. The website is clean, uncluttered, and warm. It positions Diane’s consulting practice as high quality without being intimidating. Because Diane offers a personal type of service, the website was made to reflect her personality. At the end of the project, Diane has the basic necessities for branding her consulting firm.


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