Your Network is your Brand

We’ve blogged here about the importance of becoming a thought leader in your field. Whether you’ve reached that lofty goal or are on your way, you still have an ace up your sleeve when it comes to promoting your brand: your business network.

It’s true what they say about being defined by the company you keep. If you have high-quality, capable business and personal connections, they can go a long way to position your brand as a trusted, highly regarded resource. They’re not only your network, but they’re also a part of your brand.

In fact, you want to be viewed as a resource to your clients – if they need a financial adviser, you should know three good ones to refer them to. If they need an insurance broker, you can connect them with an excellent one.

It’s easy to do. Assemble your “gold book” of connections for each business category: accounting, wealth management, insurance, human resources, IT, marketing, commercial real estate, banking, etc. Be ready, willing and able to share your connections. Talk them up, give examples of how they’ve helped you and others, offer testimonials. This wealth of connections effectively positions YOU as connected, competent, holistic — overall a business resource.

Conversely, help your sources be proactive by giving them access to your circle of influence: customers, clients, friends, family. Then you’ll become part of their brand as well. And these days, you just can’t do enough to enhance your brand.


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