New Client Website Design: ATG

New-Client-Website-Design-ATGAutomotive Technology Group (ATG) specializes in automotive engineering, low-volume manufacturing, and motorsport program management. ATG has worked with well-known brands such as Chrysler, Volvo, and Southern California Edison to create special projects, particularly in the area of electric vehicles and hybrids. As a well-respected and highly skilled automotive engineering firm, ATG needed a website design to reflect and enhance their brand.

Bop Design created a sleek, graphics-oriented website design that speaks to their motorsport heritage. The professional website design positions ATG as a lifestyle brand. The new website communicates ATG’s mission to provide services that distinguish their customers and provide a distinct competitive advantage.

One of the concerns that is always present when launching a new website is search engine ranking. ATG’s previous website ranked highly for some of their target keywords. Bop Design took special care to preserve this ranking, setting up redirects for every page and transferring all of the previous meta data. We also integrated ATG’s social media accounts into the website in order to present a more unified face of the company. The end results is an up-to-date website that immediately communicates ATG’s brand to the visitor.