A Lesson from Apple: Presenting Your Brand

Did watching Apple’s iPad Air launch this week leave you in awe and inspired? Apple CEO Tim Cook and team delivered yet another professional and fresh presentation reflective of their core brand. While Apple’s budget allows them to host large-scale announcements, we believe elements of the launch can apply to smaller businesses armed only with Microsoft PowerPoint.

Uniform Branding

When Apple creates presentations to showcase unique differentiators of each new product, there is never a doubt about who the presenting company is. Apple is a prime example of not only effective branding, but also weaving brand elements into all marketing materials. Communicate to colleagues that the uniform use of logos, visuals, typography, and themes should always relate back to the brand standards. Then provide them tools to accomplish it easily (e.g. pre-saved letterheads, PowerPoint templates, email signatures, etc.)

On-Message Keywords

Cook reiterated key features about the iPad Air such as its weight, dimensions, and screen resolution. Explaining your brand position can work the same. By conducting an SEO audit, uncover what keywords are being used to find your business. With this data, you can either adopt the language your customers are already using or work to change the conversation to what you want to be known for.

Reflection of Culture

At the end of the day, your brand should strongly complement your existing company culture. Apple is known for being cutting-edge, innovative, and inventive. It’s a message told not only through the CEO, but heard throughout the hallways. When presenting a new brand either internally or externally, take note of audience reactions. Are they confident and excited to do business? Or are they left confused and unmotivated? Make sure the brand presents the true company mission and is a reflection of the internal culture.

The iPad Air is another example of a successful brand presentation that attracts forward-thinking early adopters. Just like Apple’s products, a brand isn’t just about colors, shapes, and sizes, but how it’s packaged to form a unique, strategic voice. While Apple gears up for iPad Air sales, Bop Design will take a lesson from Cook and his team on how big branded voices still start within a small office. To learn more about our branding approach for small businesses, visit our services page.


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