7 Marketing Resolutions for 2014

1) Break the Boring B2B Mold

Watch out prospective clients. We’re tired of being told B2B is unimaginative, uncreative, and flat-out boring. We think you’re tired of hearing it too. Let’s talk about humorous headlines, sensational social media, and wonderful website design. Don’t worry, professionalism still comes first, but personality is a close second.

2) Experiment With Customized Social Advertising

As a B2B-focused firm, we thought LinkedIn would always be our bread and butter. But just this month we experimented with Promoted Tweets on Twitter (for a webinar about LinkedIn no less) and gained some interesting impressions. While only receiving a handful of new visitors during the weeklong ad run, 85% of them were new followers to our website.

3) Don’t Toss Print Out of the Window

How special does it feel to receive mail nowadays? We don’t mean phone bills, the Pennysaver, or belated birthday cards. We mean awesomely designed, hyper-targeted, useful mail. We’re looking forward to creating direct mail for prospective and current clients, as well as some from yours truly. Will you be receiving a special delivery from us in 2014?

4) Optimize Websites for Mobile

We recently rolled out the mobile site for Bop Design, so we understand that it’s difficult for businesses to undertake yet another design and development process once the website is live. Don’t abandon or postpone the idea, we recommend designing a mobile site alongside your website design to ensure you’re addressing all the key needs of your business. You also may want to look into a fully responsive website in 2014 – a website designed for optimal viewing on all platforms.

5) Branding = Design + Content + Service

Perfecting the balance between a well-designed, relevant, and customer-oriented brand requires a lot of juggling. Oftentimes you’ll come across a great company with a lackluster website and brand message. Or a polished, professional brand with awful customer service. Thankfully, we’ve created plenty of tools to help.

6) Develop For Efficiency

As our design team pushes the envelop in web trends, our development will focus on creating the most efficient, optimized site possible. A beautifully designed site is useless without source code that is friendly to all the performance needs such as SEO, responsive, mobile and more.

7) Progress Over Perfection

We strive to create marketing solutions that seamlessly weave into your business and resonate with your ideal customer. This sometimes means picking a candid website image, starting a Twitter account, or changing your company name. We get excited to see executives passionate about their brand who do not overthink and understand that action is the most important marketing tactic.


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