The Internet Loves Typography and Internet Explorer. Or, Most Popular Bop Blog Posts of 2013

2013 was a big year for the Bop Blog. We broke our 300th post in October and have explored new interactive blog posts such as our Marketing Advent Calendar. As we brainstorm for new content ideas for 2014, we took the time to reflect on what’s been successful this year. See below our most popular (aka – most visited) blog posts of 2013, the results may surprise you:

Top 5 Most Visited Blog Posts of 2013

Making Internet Explorer 8 Behave in 2013

Our January 2013 post by our web developer Jordan still appears in the top 10 blog posts throughout the year. This post is a great example of utilizing in-house talent to educate on a segment of your business.

The Elements of Effective Brochure Design

This post, authored by myself, is actually from 2012! Despite being “old” content, it shows that a headline that addresses common marketing troubles can outlast the test of time.

IE7, still worth developing for?

Once again, Jordan wins in the top five for a controversial web development topic. An in case you were wondering, we’re still grappling with IE7…

What Is Typography?

Bop Design always appears in the top “typography” Google search results thanks to this blog post by our graphic designer Dani.

5 Tips for a Successful Business Card Design

Finally, Dani’s 2012 post on business card design outlasts many more recent posts as businesses still struggle to design the grandfather tool for effective networking and business development.

Top 5 Most Visited 2013 Blog Posts

As you can see, two of our top five blog posts were written in 2012. So here’s a look at the top five from just this year, the first two are of course…

Making Internet Explorer 8 Behave in 2013

What Is Typography?

How Much Print Marketing Collateral Do You Need?

With everything going digital, it’s difficult to estimate how much we should print nowadays. With large quantity printing still a good value, it’s a challenge to validate printing 5,000+ copies of a seasonal brochure.

Minimal Website Design: What to Expect

With the growth of simplified websites (see parallax design) Dani wrote a piece on how to find the right balance between function and form.

How to Understand and Use Google Analytics To Improve Your B2B Website Traffic

This is an insightful post by our Project Manager Emily on those pesky Google Analytics terms. Best part about this post? It’s not written by a developer, rather someone who can put everything in simple, straightforward terms.

There you have it, the most popular Bop Blog posts of 2013. What did we learn from a full year of blogging? Keyword specific, informative headlines definitely drive the most organic search results to our blog. Despite the staff time spent planning, curating, writing and editing, visits to these blog posts result in an average of 2.5 pages per visit (meaning visitors are reading more than just that post) and the majority of our visitors are new to So expect a 2014 filled with more content to help your marketing efforts!


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