Top Bop Design Social Media Posts of 2013 (And Why They Loved It)

We’ve said time and time again that businesses need to integrate social media in their marketing plan. We practice what we preach and engage audiences across four platforms: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+. With varying strategies and messaging for each, here’s a summary of what posts were most successful in 2013 (and our guess as to why).


The majority of our tweets are curated, meaning we’re posting (and giving credit to) content authored from other thought leaders. With this strategy, users follow us to stay abreast of marketing trends. Think of us as your morning newspaper, chock full of must-know info. The above tweet received the most click-throughs from @BopDesignSD.

Why? Logo articles consistently rank high for our content since—by nature—it’s a visually appealing blog post. In addition, the headline recognizes a goal in logo design that is difficult to achieve: creating a moniker that says more the longer you look at it. We’ll be honest; the Toblerone logo is still blowing our minds.


We always love sharing the many accomplishments of our team. When we posted that our Creative Director Kara received a nomination for the Daily Transcript’s Young Influentials, our Facebook following supported her as well.

Why? Facebook is personal, so showing personality in your business ranks high within your followers. People want to share in the success of your business and root for your wins.


Blog Post 1 1 2014

This is a perfect example of repurposing content in a useful format. After many successful website designs under our belt, we chose some that fit a specific industry and drafted a case study on it. By targeting it, we’re gaining clicks from individuals who can relate to the website they see.

Why? We should also admit that we paid to promote this post, a practice we’re now regularly implementing on LinkedIn and exploring on Twitter and Facebook. Even before paid promotion started, the post received more than 1,000 impressions and 10 clicks to our website, showing if you build it, they will come.


In October, Google waltzed into our San Diego asking if we’d like to update our Google Places page with a virtual tour. How could we say no? To increase awareness and anticipation of the virtual tour, we snapped a quick photo to let our followers know what was happening. Voila! A Top Goolge+ post was born.

Why? Sometimes the most random post can gain the greatest exposure. Visitors love images and copy that reads off the cuff and of the moment. This post achieves that while heightening the Bop brand.


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