New Website and Logo Design: Gallman Consulting Group

The finance and banking industry has remained steady in size over the past year, increasing by 3% since 2012. So how does a new business stand out among established national, regional, and local firms? That was the challenge for Gallman Consulting Group, Inc., which needed a relatable and professional brand to announce its expertise in strategic planning, business and product development, marketing specifically for wealth management firms.

While Gallman Consulting serves the financial industry, the company’s unique value proposition is their expertise in synchronizing a business across multiple silos (sales, marketing, new product development, asset managers, and more). With such a broad scope, it was important to convey a cohesive brand that can specialize in so many focus areas with all areas linking together.

For the logo, Bop Design drew on the core competency of the company: the ability to build relationships. Gallman Consulting serves a diverse array of clients – from asset managers to advisors to platform providers – but its key strength is establishing solutions and supporting clients throughout the implementation process. The gold and deep navy color choice of the logo depicts sophistication as it positions itself against financial competitors.

The website structure eschews the traditional rotating images homepage display for a simpler, text based landing page. The homepage features the firm’s tagline, “Your Partner For Growth” front and center, with an arrow pointing to the top five services below. This visual “call to action” illustrates to the audience Gallman’s key levels of service and points them where to learn more.

Each call to action touches on a level of expertise within Gallman Consulting and asks strategic immediate and long-term questions of the visitor. For example, “Training” asks “Who will train your sales team to achieve both your short-term
goals and your long-range objectives?” These questions not only get the user thinking about important components of their business, but also provide a sneak peek to the consulting process with Gallman. By positioning Gallman Consulting as a forward-thinker, website visitors are more inclined to schedule a consultation.

Visit the live website at For more examples of website design for financial services, download our Accounting Website Success Stories white paper and contact Bop Design for information on new website design and development today.


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