New Bop White Paper: Working With Creative Teams

Working-With-Creative-Teams-White-PaperWe’ve covered extensively on the Bop Blog best practices in teamwork, but perhaps you still have some unanswered questions. Like, how should I find the best marketing firm to partner with my business? Or how does a new website design process work? Or what do all those developer acronyms mean?

In our new white paper, “Working with Creative Teams: How to Reduce Confusion and Maintain Strong Relationships,” learn the following:

  • Benefits to outsourcing marketing strategies and tactics
  • Best practices for the creative design process
  • How to work with a graphic designer
  • How to work with a web developer
  • How to work with a photographer or videographer
  • Common designer and developer terminology defined

As businesses search for a capable outsourced creative team, understanding the creative process and each individual’s role will help save time and money. Download our five-page “Working with Creative Teams” guide today and contact us to partner with Bop Design on future projects.