Top 6 Things Heard During a B2B Web Design Project

As a San Diego web design firm creating B2B websites, we’ve worked with hundreds of clients to create unique, engaging websites. Over the years, we’ve helped clients through the process by answering common questions, addressing concerns that crop up during the project, and sharing best practices on building websites. As such, we are always looking for ways to make the B2B web design project easier for the client and smoother overall.

We turned to the Bop Design staff for ideas on how to make the website design process even better. We asked our web design experts about common questions or issues that arise during a project and have boiled it down to 6 of the top things heard during a B2B web design project. Here they are:

“Make the Logo Bigger.”

The logo is essential to the website design, but it should not be so big it distracts from the overall design. Look at websites for major companies like Apple, Microsoft, and Target. All their websites have the logo but it’s not the main focus of the website. For many top brands, the logo is simply placed in the upper right or left corner of the website.

“The Website Needs More CTAs.”

Simplicity is the main component of websites that excel at converting visitors into leads. CTAs need to be clear and properly placed on the website, but they don’t need to be all over the place and in your face. Shouting Buy! Buy! Buy! to a website visitor will just drive them away.

“The Phone Number Needs to Be In More Places.”

Like CTAs, the phone number needs to be properly placed. A B2B web designer knows the best place to put the phone number so visitors can easily locate it. Putting it in 10 different spots on the website becomes distracting and doesn’t add any value for the website visitor.

“I Don’t Have Time to Review Copy or Design.”

You are working with B2B web design experts, but you are an expert on your company and services. Your knowledgeable feedback ensures the copy and the design work works for your business.

“Why Isn’t the Website Live?”

A great San Diego website company holds themselves to project deadlines and views the deadlines as hard stops. When one or more deadlines gets pushed back or delayed due to unplanned issues, the website launch can be delayed. A B2B website firm will tell you as soon as they anticipate any delays in launch and it should never be a surprise.

“The Website Isn’t Perfect, I Don’t Want to Launch.”

It’s common to make tweaks and add more information to a website after launch. Once the design is complete, the coding is finished, and the copy is reviewed and approved, it’s time to launch. Minor edits should not delay the launch. If a website is designed using WordPress, it’s super easy to update, so minor edits are a snap.

A B2B web design project is exciting and stressful, but working with the right web design agency can make a huge difference. Learn more about what to look for in a San Diego web design firm.


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