How to Amplify Your Content Using Social Media

There is a trend in the marketing world to push out as much content as possible, based on the assumption that more content gets better results. However, this assumption is not necessarily true.

At Bop Design, rather than encouraging our clients to produce as many content marketing pieces as possible, we instead focus on producing high-quality, valuable blogs, articles, white papers, case studies, ebooks, guides, and infographics. While content creation must be consistent and on-going, it must also focus on producing high-quality pieces.

The upside to focusing on quality rather than quantity is that you’ll have more time to spend on creating content, fine-tuning it, and promoting it. One of the best ways to amplify your B2B content marketing efforts is via social media. Let me explain.

Share Content on Social Media

Once you have published a blog post, article or other content piece, it’s important to share it on social media. We typically recommend sharing the content on all your social media outlets to maximize exposure and be sure you are getting your content in front of as many of your followers (and their networks) as possible.

Make sure the caption for the content is enticing and compels readers to click to view more. Additionally, optimize the content on the website you are sharing it from so that it displays properly.

Post Multiple Times

When it comes to content marketing, posting a content piece to your social media sites multiple times is a great way to expand the audience it reaches. The posts should be spread out over a week or weeks and posted at various times. Remember that not everyone is on social media all day long. Posting content several times helps you reach as many people as possible.

Hashtags Make It Searchable

Hashtags are wildly popular on all types of social media, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and now LinkedIn. In addition to being a tool used to add commentary to posts, hashtags are a way to classify posts and make them part of the larger online conversation.

Did you know that hashtags make a post searchable? For example, if a financial firm includes the hashtag #TaxTips on their blog post about preparing taxes, a user who clicks on the hashtag will be able to see other posts on that social media network with the same hashtag. This is a great way to reach users who aren’t followers of your brand but are interested in the topics covered in your content marketing pieces.

We recommend checking a hashtag before using it to make sure it doesn’t have multiple meanings or refers to anything that would reflect poorly on your brand.

Pay to Promote

Organic reach for social media posts is declining at a rapid rate, mostly caused by the overwhelming amount of content being shared on social media. Because of this, even your  social media followers who want to read your content may not see it in their newsfeeds. The best way to supplement organic reach on social media? Paid reach.

Paying to sponsor content marketing posts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn is a guaranteed way to get your content in front of your followers and target audience. We recommend running even a small sponsorship for all blog posts and premium content pieces to amplify that content and get it in front of the right people.

Have questions about using social media to boost your content marketing efforts? Let us know in the comments below.


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