Creative B2B Marketing Tips to Refresh a Tired Strategy

Is your B2B marketing strategy looking a little tired?

Has it lost that luster it once had?

Are the results starting to stagnate?

Is your audience fatigued by the same old stuff?

If you are looking to pep up your existing B2B marketing strategy with fresh energy, we have a few tips to get you started. Typically, we suggest looking at the data and tracking metrics – but here we are taking a different approach and sharing a few inspired ways to revamp your strategy.

Go to Lunch

No, seriously, go to lunch with a group of people either on your team or from other departments. Getting outside of the office is a way to literally and figuratively change your perspective. Over a basket of chili fries or salads, chat with your lunchmates about marketing. Ask them what they think of the current marketing strategy, what they like or dislike, and if they have any ideas. You can let them know it’s really just a sounding board type of meeting so they don’t think you will put every idea into action.

Tips to refresh a lackluster B2B marketing strategy.

Watch a Movie

When is the last time you went to a movie theater AND got there earlier enough for the previews? This might not seem relevant to B2B marketing and you’re right, it’s not. Just kidding, it’s relevant.

For many movies, a large portion of the entire movie’s budget is spent on marketing.  As such, movies are a great place to get inspiration as movie promotion companies are on the cutting edge of what consumers want, how they want it, and how to best package and deliver it. You likely can’t use the same types of marketing tactics for marketing your accounting software, new biotechnology, or consulting services, but you can get a few applicable ideas.

Take notice of how they are addressing the audience in the promotional offers and ads.  Who appears to be the audience? What are the calls-to-action in the ads (are they directing viewers to a website or to social media or to do another type of action)? Pay attention to the types of language they are using (are they using slang or hyperbole or emotional language)? What types of visuals are they using (families, glitzy stars, normal looking people, etc.)? How the visuals are treated (are they glossy looking, or realistic, or futuristic, etc)?

Check Out Industry Leaders

When is the last time you looked to the leaders in your field? If you are the leader, then look to your competitors or leaders in similar fields. Are they running a certain type of ad campaign? Do they have a variety of messaging? Are they using similar tactics and channels?

As a B2B agency, we see a variety of different approaches to branding and brand voice. We aren’t suggesting you change your brand, but if you are looking to liven up your marketing strategy or campaigns, think about taking a calculated risk by running a new ad creative that uses different visuals or a different method of communicating.

What’s B2C Up To?

We are mainly a B2B marketing agency, but we still keep tabs on what B2C brands are up to (ahem: the Super Bowl, anyone?). Yes, there are a lot of differences between marketing for B2B vs B2C, however, B2C is often on the forefront of what I call “trying things out.”

Trends come and go much quicker in B2C advertising and marketing, so it’s important not to just hop on the bandwagon for your marketing strategy. However, there are a lot of interesting campaigns, voices, approaches, and use of technology in the B2C marketing sphere.

Check out the marketing activities of well-known brands or even smaller B2C brands that you like or feel really “get you.”

Brainstorm with Your Team

Many companies get the brainstorm meeting completely wrong. A true brainstorm is a meeting where you throw everything at the wall and then evaluate later to see what will “stick.” We’ve been in “brainstorm” meetings over the past 15+ years where the following happens:

  • There is a strict agenda
  • One person (typically an owner or a leader) dominates the suggestions
  • Attendees start discounting or voting down ideas mid-idea generation
  • The group doesn’t feel they can express new ideas
  • The meeting is limited to an hour with no breaks

These are only a handful of examples, but all of these are creativity crushers! If a leader tends to dominate, hold the brainstorm when they aren’t available or speak candidly with them about why you don’t want them there. Set up the brainstorm to be a real sharing of ideas – nothing is stupid or already done or bad. Also, make sure you have enough time (it can be 2 – 3 hours) to get in the groove and share ideas. You may be surprised by what the team comes up with.

What really gets the creativity flowing for your B2B marketing team?


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