5 Quick Tips to Promote Your Next Webinar

As more and more B2B businesses turn to webinars to connect with prospects and clients, we are getting more inquiries on how to promote webinars to increase attendance.

Here, we provide five tips to get the word out about your upcoming webinar.

Send an Email Invite to Your Audience

Even if the purpose of your webinar is to attract new leads and prospects, you should leverage your existing email list. Remember that your existing audience may be a mix of customers, vendors, and prospects. Additionally, you want to make sure that your customers have access to the same resources that non-customers do. Lastly, since your customers are already familiar with you, they are more likely to open your email and sign up for your webinar.

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Share and Re-share Organically on Social Media

The best way to get the word out about an upcoming webinar is on social media. Be sure to share a link to your webinar sign-up page, along with why the reader should sign up for the webinar. You don’t need to include the date and time in the post – especially if you will be recording it and sharing it after the fact.

Next, once you post it to your company’s social media accounts, re-share it with your personal network and ask your employees to do so, if they feel comfortable. (Do not make sharing it mandatory since in many cases, that goes against HR policies and privacy).

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Run Paid Social Media Ads

Once you share the webinar with people who know your company on social media – share it with a targeted audience. This can be done through paid social media ads. LinkedIn is a great spot to craft a paid ad for a webinar – particularly since LinkedIn users often turn to the platform for professional development and vendor resources.

Create Retargeting Ads

Retargeting ads are shown to visitors who have viewed your website and then continued browsing online. As these website visitors are already familiar with your company and the services you offer, a retargeting campaign can entice them to sign up for your webinar. Even if they don’t sign up, you are increasing awareness and familiarity with your brand.

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Launch a Google Ad Campaign

Webinars often take a significant amount of time and resources, so it makes sense to budget resources for promoting the webinar to increase the ROI. A great outlet for promoting a B2B webinar is a Google Search campaign. The campaign can follow a strict budget and target specific relevant phrases. The major advantages of these search campaigns are that the user has already shown interest for your webinar topic and they enable you to reach a new audience.

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