What Works on Social Media for B2B Companies?

What should B2B companies share on social media?
Should B2B companies even be active on social media?
What social channels are the best for B2B companies?

These are pretty common questions we hear from B2B companies when discussing their digital marketing strategies.

Here is the TL;DR version:

B2B firms should share content that their audience cares about.
B2B companies should be connecting with their clients and prospects on social media.
The social channel that is best for your firm, depends on your audience. For many B2B firms, LinkedIn is a great way to connect, for others, it’s Facebook, for others it’s Instagram, etc.

Below we take a look at what works on social media for B2B companies. Stick around and give it a read.

Thought Leadership

Crafting and sharing insightful thought leadership is always a win for B2B companies. Even if you think your industry is “boring” or “not groundbreaking,” thought leadership content is extremely interesting to professionals working in your industry.

Once you’ve crafted top-notch thought leadership, share it on your company’s social media channels. But don’t stop there, invite your thought leaders to share it on their social media. Why? Most experienced professionals have a wider group of connections than the B2B company they work for. Also, encourage all your employees to share the thought leadership with their connections on social media. You’d be surprised how many of your personal or professional connections are interested in what you do and what your company is doing.

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Employee Features

People want to know who they are working with. In many cases, a strong personal rapport goes a long way for keeping up professional relationships – be it vendors, clients, partners, or other industry professionals. If you are looking for content to craft to share on your social media channels, consider employee features or highlights. It’s a double-win – it showcases your fantastic internal talent and it invites your followers and connections to learn more about your team and company culture.

Never underestimate the value of a human connection.

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Awards or Milestones

Social media is a great place to celebrate wins and achievements, both personally and professionally. For B2B companies, it’s a great idea to share company awards or milestones with your audience. This not only shows that you are best in class and therefore an excellent potential partner, but it also shows your existing clients that you are continually improving and innovating.

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Behind the Scenes

Humans by nature are curious about what other humans are up to. Invite your social media followers behind the scenes at your company. Share posts about internal company events or celebrations. At Bop Design, we host weekly happy hours for our employees. While these are typically closed events, we share pictures on social media to show our followers more about our internal culture and how our team enjoys each other’s company on and off the clock. Your B2B firm is made up of people, so never hesitate to share behind-the-scenes content.

Sharing Client Wins

Where would we be without successful clients? At the core, a company is only as strong or successful as its clients. As long as you don’t have an NDA in place, start sharing your client wins on social media. Showcase any new breakthroughs they are making, or new products they are launching, or even achievements they have earned. Social media isn’t just about your firm, it’s about your connections and their wins as well. Be sure to take time to highlight the movers and shakers you work with.

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