5 Clever B2B Social Media Campaigns

In the social media world, creating a campaign for B2B brands can be a challenge. How can you engage your target audience and educate them about your products or services?

Let’s take a look at a few B2B brands that created clever campaigns on social media to engage with their audiences.

LinkedIn Marketing Solutions

LinkedIn Marketing Solutions, the division of LinkedIn that equips marketers with tools to create ads and market to their audience, created a regular online event titled, Live with Marketers. The online event is where experts from across the B2B landscape discuss topics like brand management, privacy, and upcoming trends. Each event features an overview of the topic, regular segments like “Hot or Not,” and questions from the audience.

The appeal of these social campaigns is that they educate attendees about current trends in online marketing and provide an opportunity to interact with experts. Attending these virtual events is a great introduction to LinkedIn Marketing Solutions and creates educational materials for anyone looking to learn more about B2B marketing.

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Upwork, a talent community for businesses to find freelancers to work on projects, launched a campaign on YouTube with the title The Perfect Fit. Each video focuses on where to find the perfect candidate for a role. Since Upwork focuses on a freelance community, the “perfect fit” in the video is often in a faraway location and is working on personal projects, but available for your business.

The beauty of this campaign is that it shows businesses looking for freelancers the variety of accounts on Upwork and how accessible their software is to both businesses and freelancers. It also demonstrates specific use cases and the benefits to businesses.

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QuickBooks, an accounting software program aimed at small to medium-sized businesses, launched a campaign on TikTok with DJ Khaled under the hashtag #SmallBizKeys. In this campaign DJ Khaled, a DJ and business owner, gives “key” tips for bossing up and realizing that your small business is a big success. The videos end with the tagline that success starts with QuickBooks.

While not all B2B brands have the ability to hire a celebrity influencer like DJ Khaled, this campaign is effective because it helps small business owners recognize their success. It also demonstrates how the software can elevate their business.


Slack, a business communication software, uses Twitter to share helpful tips under the hashtag #SlackTips. These tweets highlight the features within Slack, like using “/remind” to set a reminder or how to clear all notifications.

These types of posts work well to provide followers of the Slack Twitter account with helpful tips on how to get the most from the app in their everyday work.


Square, a mobile payment company that provides POS systems, launched a campaign called “Only In.” The campaign explores cities, cultures, and businesses that use Square and highlights their stories. They began with “Only In Denver,” a series on 5 Latinx-owned businesses about how culture and heritage is reflected in their business.

These campaigns are inspiring spotlights and also feature mini-case studies on brands using the Square systems. It’s a great way to engage followers by highlighting non-product usage.

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