How to Convert B2B Website Form Submissions into Sales

Your B2B organization’s marketing efforts demand results, ROI, and constant monitoring and adjusting.

So why are conversions so low?

How do you adapt to increase the actual number of quality leads and larger-sized deals?

If converting and generating more revenue from your B2B website are important to you, we have a few tips.

Make Navigation Easy & Build Confidence

If you want to attract quality leads, you must provide value on your website. One of the first steps is having a B2B website design that is easy to navigate. You want website visitors to be able to effortlessly investigate who you are and what you do so they are confident about their decision to fill out the contact form. By helping your website visitors get to the information they need quickly, you demonstrate that you understand what they need.

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Go Large or Go Home

Position yourself as the industry expert, the who’s who of the industry so you resonate with larger organizations. Your time to shine is in your content library as your website is a living, breathing extension of your organization. Here, you build the information hub for all answers they seek. Resources on resources to ponder and establish your expertise in the field. Your content library should host a variety of sources that answer your visitor’s questions.

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Third-Party Credibility

Generate more leads by improving your online business profile on credible review sites. Use the free profile on review platforms to increase your visibility and SEO. Ask clients to leave a 5-star review for your organization so prospects can see how much your product helped another organization grow, or generated more revenue, or saved them resources.

In your B2B website copy, articulate why clients like your products/service offerings. This will connect the dots for those vetting your company by reading reviews and researching on your website. Make sure there is an awards section on both your website and your online review profile. A credible third-party review site that vets reviews before they are posted builds trust in your brand and lets prospects know what to expect from your company.

Why Clients Hire Us

When a visitor lands on your B2B website, will they know exactly what you are offering? It’s important to take the potential lead on a visual journey to show how your product can solve their problem.

At Bop Design, our content library is a growing collection of white papers, guides, tip sheets, infographics, and FAQ’s –  all of which help prospects or clients by answering questions or showing them how to maximize their B2B marketing. We use case studies to demonstrate the value we provide and highlight our results. We want any visitor who lands on our page to clearly understand and comprehend the value we bring to the table and how we can help them grow.

Websites that offer quality resources for visitors build credibility with the target market and earn the visitor’s trust. Crafting quality content also establishes your company as an industry expert and an organization that your target market will want to work with. If your sales team has a swift and concise response to send within hours of these leads filling out contact forms, you’ll close more of these leads and generate more revenue. You want to further establish they made the best decision reaching out to your company by addressing their ask as quickly as possible.

We hope these tips help you convert more website form submissions into sales. If you still aren’t sure where to start or want to overhaul your B2B website design to be conversion-friendly, contact us today.

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